Yale’s Logan Sloan – Character Counts Presented By Central Electric Cooperative

By Ember McElrath

Yale High School junior and Character Counts recipient Logan Sloan feels honored about receiving the award. “It makes me feel like all the hard work I’m putting into school and baseball is paying off,” said Logan. Logan has been involved in baseball since he was just six years old when he first joined his town’s t-ball league.

For this season Logan is looking forward to making it count and, “having a good season with my team and hoping to improve myself when it comes to playing baseball,” said Logan. He knows his team has a lot of potential to do really well this season and he is excited for what is to come.

Motivation for this young athlete comes from the people who inspire him on a daily basis. “My coach and parents really push me to keep up with my school work and personally I stay motivated by wanting to see improvements in myself and push myself,” said Logan.

Moving to Oklahoma only this past August, this young athlete had some adjusting to do. Moving for this first time from his home in Pennsylvania he did have one teammate he would already know, his older brother Nico. “He’s been a big help with baseball because we train together at home and we can do specific drills to work on things I need to get better at,” Logan said. Also making this transition easy was how welcoming the people were to him and his family.

After high school Logan plans to attend college where he would love the opportunity to play baseball for the school.