Tonkawa’s Kai Day – Character Counts Athlete Spotlight Presented By Gateway First Bank

By Ember McElrath

Tonkawa Character Counts nominee, Kai Day, feels great about receiving this award. Kai may only be a sophomore at Tonkawa High School, but he doesn’t let that stop him when it comes to being a role model for all who meet him.

Kai is part of the baseball and football teams for the high school. Last year as a freshman he also participated in wrestling. Being a great athlete doesn’t stop Kai from pushing himself academically as he is part of the extended studies program for the school.

Loving baseball the majority of his life is what makes the sport really fun for him.

“I started when I was about five I played T-ball and I have loved the sport since,” said Kai.

Mostly playing left field, Kai has also been seen pitching for the team. As for this season, Kai is looking forward to making it another great one.

“I look forward to having a good time with my friends and having a good season like last year’s,” said Kai.

This season should also be an interesting one for the team as they have a lot of young players, but those young players are also bringing a lot of new talent to the team.

Knowing that school is also important if he wants to be able to play sports, Kai lets that be a major motivator for him.

“What motivates me to do my work in school is definitely sports, and what makes sports so fun is the people I get to play with,” Kai said.

His inspiration for everything he does comes from home.

“My parents are my role models, any time I need anything they are there to help me,” Kai said.

With two years left of high school, that doesn’t stop Kai from looking ahead. After high school Kai’s plans are to attend NOC in Tonkawa. But he also has a dream of getting to play football at Oklahoma University.