Perry’s Dirk Dillon – Character Counts Athlete Spotlight Presented By Stillwater Medical Perry

By Travis Sloat

Some high school seniors balk at the thought of being someone their younger teammates can look up to. That isn’t the case for Dirk Dillon, a third baseman and pitcher for Perry High School.

“I love it,” Dillon said. “Seeing the young guys come in every day excited to learn and wanting to be successful, asking me questions on the field or in the dugout, it gets me excited. As a senior, that’s what I want. I want them bought in so we can be dangerous, and compete our way to big things.”

Dillon first started playing the sport when he was six years old, and said he can’t narrow it down to just one thing he loves most about baseball.

“I love the atmosphere,” he said. “I love the competitiveness, and stepping out on the field focused and ready to rake. At the same time, you can play loose and have a good time, and when you get off the field, it’s all fun and games with your teammates.”

When it comes to free time, Dillon admitted that most of it is spent investing in how to be better on the diamond.

“I like to work out and get up in the batting cage and take some extra reps with my friend Ty from Frontier,” Dillon said. “Sometimes me and the guys will go hang out in Stillwater or go watch a movie to keep that bond.”

Dillon said simple choices are the best way to make sure people know you’re a person of character.

“You always need to try to do the right thing,” he said. “I try to help people when no one else is looking, because I don’t want anything in return, it’s just the right thing to do.”