Stillwater’s Scott Jackson – Teacher of the Month Presented By Simmons Bank

By Derrick Smith

The issues that students deal with today, both at school and at home, can be numerous. But educators can make a huge impact on the lives of students, no matter what they are dealing with. They can make such an impression on them that some decide to follow their path into the teaching field.

And that is exactly what happened with Scott Jackson, who teaches Orchestra to eighth through twelfth graders at Stillwater Public Schools.

“I admired many of my teachers and my parents, who were educators as I was growing up,” Jackson said. “In college however, it became completely clear to me that sharing information with other people and helping them along their journey of learning was something that felt right in my life. I’ve been involved in music for quite a while, and combining the two was a natural for me.”

Jackson’s orchestra teachers were big role models for him as a youth, but there were other teachers who he looked up to as well.

“My orchestra teachers, Andy and Liz Johnston, were my prime role models for music education,” he stated. “I also greatly enjoyed my senior AP English teacher and Mrs. Johnson.”

While he enjoys teaching orchestra, Jackson says that seeing the students expand their knowledge is the best this for him.

“One of the best things about being an educator is witnessing a student acquire the knowledge that you are transmitting,” he said. “And then they take the crucial step of understanding that they really know and can use the information. This is taking the step toward real self-confidence and individual initiative in their own learning.”

He is in his eighteenth year at Stillwater Public Schools, which is where he has spent his entire teaching career. Jackson has grown his family during that time, as he and his wife, Mary, have four wonderful children.

“I enjoy doing anything my kids and wife want to do outside of the school day,” he said. “Every now and then I will certainly play a round of golf or go enjoy some excellent live music of any variety that I can find.”