Stillwater’s Belinda Sanchez – Mom of the Month Spotlight Presented By Stillwater Women’s Clinic

The Stillwater Mom of the Month is Belinda Sanchez, who Kendra Kilpatrick, the Lady Pioneers basketball coach, speaks very highly of.

“She has been super supportive,” said Kilpatrick. “She had a daughter graduate about four years ago and has another who is currently a junior. She has been great for both of them and is currently our Booster Club President.”

Sanchez and her husband Enrique have three children: Ana, who is attending Oklahoma State, Sabrina, a junior at Stillwater High, and Enrique Jr., in the seventh grade.

“For me it’s important to be present in my kids lives and if my husband and I are able, they’ll always be happy. Sports are really important to them and their team so it’s really important to not just support them, but the whole team as well. The other kids also know I think that they can come to our house and it can be another home for them, with Sabrina’s team we have a really close relationship with all the girls,” said Sanchez.

As the Booster Club President Sanchez handles the money. She helps put on fundraisers, such as tournaments for the basketball teams. She also helps with her son’s football team, by providing snacks and giving rides to other kids and families for games.

Sanchez manages all of this while also working multiple roles at Oklahoma State. She works in residential life coordinating assignments and also works in human resources as a payroll coordinator.