Blackwell’s Mikey Riley: Character Counts Presented By Blackwell Regional Hospital

By Derrick Smith

Success for athletes is not something that is achieved by just walking onto the field of play. There are a lot of things required before the lights come on and the game starts. Mikey Riley knows exactly what it takes.

“The two biggest things that help make you a success are hard work and dedication,” he said. “If you don’t put in the time at practice, you won’t be ready when it is game time.”

A three-sport athlete at Blackwell High School, Riley is a member of the Maroons’ football, baseball and wrestling teams. He says that he loves all three of these sports and has played them for as long as he can remember.

He says that he would not be the athlete his is today without a special group of people.

“My coaches are definitely my biggest role models,” he said. “They push me to be the best that I can be.”

Riley says that he appreciates being called a character athlete and that it is more than just being a good athlete.

“Being a character athlete to me is something everyone should strive to be,” he stated. “It starts in the classroom and just being a role model so the younger kids have someone to look up to.”

There have been many teachers that have made an impact on Mikey’s life throughout his education. But he also says that there one teacher that he appreciates the most.

“My favorite teacher would have to be Mark Meador,” Riley said. “He has taught me so much about a lot of things. And not just about school, but also about life in general.”

Along with his sports, Mikey is also involved with the Blackwell Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. He is also a youth leader at Braman United Methodist Church.