Blackwell’s Jayden Looper: Character Counts Presented By BancFirst Blackwell

By Derrick Smith

Jayden Looper knows that every time she places her feet on the field of play, she is doing more than just playing a sport. She is also representing her team, school, and community with her actions and how she handles herself. So she knows that she has to always be at her best, both on and off the field.

“It is an honor to be considered an athlete with good character,” she said. “For me, a character athlete is someone that has a good work ethic on and off the court and is someone your teammates can count on. Someone that has the desire to play and be their best.”

A senior at Blackwell High School, Jayden is a member of the Lady Maroons basketball, softball, and track teams. Outside of athletics, she is also involved with the Pep Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Yearbook.

Jayden enjoys all three of the sports she plays, but says that if she had to pick, she knows which one is her favorite. “It would probably be softball,” she said. “I have been playing since I was three years old and I play year round. It is my go-to sport.”

Throughout her years of playing sports, there are always people there to support and encourage Looper. “The people that influenced me throughout the years that I have been playing sports are my parents and coaches,” she stated. “They always pushed me to do my best and not compound any mistakes.”

While in the classroom, there have been a number of teachers that have played big roles in Jayden’s life, one of which is her art teacher. “She makes everyone feel welcomed in her room every time they walk in,” she said. “And she has taught me to love art and how you use it today.”
After she graduates high school, Looper plans to play softball at the next level, while also obtaining her teaching degree. She plans to coach where ever she teaches.