Stillwater’s Christina Young: Mom of the Month Presented By Stillwater Women’s Clinic

By Ember McElrath

Stillwater Mom of the Month Christina Young has been a dedicated volunteer for her son’s wrestling team since he started the sport at the age of six. For this Mom and family, wrestling has been a staple in their household and on their calendars.

“Wrestling is not just a sport to us, it’s our life,” said Christina

Starting off volunteering for her son’s youth league, she then moved into the role of East Representative for OKUSA Wrestling Youth League, went on to become a Director for the league, and finally ended up as a Membership Director for the youth league. She is currently helping out at her son’s highschool whenever and wherever she can.

“I bring popsicles, water, help organize, supple food after weigh-ins, help fundraise, and try to be there to support and love our wrestlers at Stillwater High School,” said Christina.

Christina has been a realtor for the better part of sixteen years, but keeps herself busy with her youngest son’s wrestling dreams.

“I would say my full time job is really helping Carter and his team,” said Christina.

For this mom volunteering is all about serving others.

“I truly enjoy helping people. It gives me a sense of purpose,” Christina said.

Chistina has stayed an active volunteer for so long because she herself is not only motivated to contribute and help others, but she has a competitive streak herself.

“I am also competitive and love the chance to help a wrestler or our team reach their goals,” Chistina said.