Perry’s Mason Drake: Character Counts Athlete Presented By Stillwater Medical Perry

By Travis Sloat

This month’s Perry Character Counts Athlete says that creating shots on the basketball court is his top priority.

Mason Drake said when he’s able to do that, it really gets the team rolling offensively.

“Most of the time teams send a double to trap as soon as I get the ball,” Drake said. “But for the younger guys I want them to think more in the mindset of cutting through the paint or finding creases to create shot opportunities. So that’s what I try to set an example of. The biggest thing I want our team to be is aggressive, because if they can create shots and show they’re ready to get the defense out of position, it really opens things up.”

Drake is a senior, and he plays positions two through five for the Perry Maroons. He said he fell in love with the game when he was in kindergarten, and tries to emulate players like LeBron James, James Harden, and Nikola Jokic on the court.

“After high school I’m planning on playing football,” Drake said. “I haven’t decided where yet, but likely NEO. I want to major in something to do with engineering.”

When it comes to showing character both on and off the court, Drake said accountability and leadership are at the top of the list for him.

“I think the biggest part of having character is the ability to create accountability within yourself,” he said. “It’s about making basketball more about integrity than competitiveness. It’s also about being a courageous leader and not sitting back. You want to be constructive as much as possible.”