Perkins-Tryon’s Alice Stevenson – Basketball Player of the Month Presented by Ortho Oklahoma

Perkins-Tryon senior Alice Stevenson has plenty of reasons to love basketball. Growing up with an athletic family got her started on the right track.

“I’ve played basketball ever since I can remember,” she said. “My little brother and I used to play football in the yard so I’ve always been active and in love with sports. My mom and dad both played sports and my older sisters did too, so I think witnessing their success made me want to be better than them and my parents helped me do that.”

After experiencing a tremendous loss earlier this year, Stevenson still holds her head up and is doing everything she can to make her family proud, in basketball and in everyday life. 

“My mom has always been my biggest supporter,” she said. “Since she passed away last February, she has been my motivation to be great. She’s always told me there’s no excuses and I know she’d tell me that her absence is no excuse and she still expects me to do my best and to never give up.”

Part of the way Stevenson is working towards a great senior season is through preparation – hitting the gym and running outside of school practices. She is confident in her team and can’t wait to see what they can do this year.

“I’m super excited about this year because it’s my last year in high school, but mostly I’m excited about getting to play with this group of girls on our team,” she said. “We’ve had some intense practices and I can’t wait to carry that over into our games! I’m hoping to make it to state this year and compete in the championship. I know that we can do it!”

Helping lead the Lady Demons is someone Stevenson admires very much.

“I look up to my high school assistant basketball coach, Coach LaTrisha Rasmussen,” said Stevenson. “Coach Ras is so loving and giving without hesitation. She’s always there for me and she’s always the first to make sure I have everything I need. I truly aspire to be like her in the future.”

After high school, Stevenson will continue her basketball career at Abilene Christian University and plans to major in Kinesiology Pre-Athletic Training.