Newkirk’s Austin Peri – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Equity Bank

By Ember McElrath

Returning state placer for Newkirk High School, Austin Peri, is ready to work hard his final high school wrestling season. 

“You can’t underestimate the work anyone else has put in. Every dog has their day,” Austin said. 

The sport was passed down from his dad and Austin started his journey with the sport at the age of four. Wanting to leave it all on the mat is what motivates this young athlete. 

“I want to be the best, and I don’t want to leave the mat thinking I could have done something different, or given more,” Austin said. 

Wrestling is a physically demanding sport and the hardest part for Austin is not the weight cutting, but more of the mental game. 

“The hardest part for me is not allowing yourself to carry a bad match or loss over to your next match. You have to let it go, and get mentally prepared for the next six minutes,” said Austin. 

Austin feels as though wrestling has probably taught him the most of any sport he’s played. 

“It is getting taken down time and time again and getting back up. It is running, skipping meals, and running some more to make weight,” Austin said. 

This sport is between two people, sp there are no teammates to carry you when you get too tired. 

“It it having no one else to blame for your loss, but yourself,” Austin said.  

After high school Austin plans to attend college, but has an open mind of where and for what.