Blackwell’s Worthy Shepherd – Character Counts Presented by Blackwell Regional Hospital

By Ember McElrath

Blackwell High School student Worthy Shepherd is a junior basketball player. Shepherd has loved basketball for years now and it all started with a simple Christmas gift that wasn’t even his. 

“When I was younger, my brother got a basketball goal for Christmas and we played on it about every day until we moved,” Shepherd said. 

Shepherd is also part of the school’s football and track teams. 

Shepherd plays as point guard and shooting guard for his team. And this year he is looking forward to a great season. 

“I feel very confident since we are returning a large portion of the team,” said Shepherd. 

This year Shepherd is looking forward to having a good time with his teammates on and off the court. 

The hardest part for this young athlete is having to go a day without basketball. 

“Dealing with everyday not being game day,” Shepherd said is the hardest part of the game for him. 

The motivation he has to keep working hard comes from his friends and family. 

This basketball season Worthy is looking forward to enjoying every last minute of it and having fun with his teammates. 

“Great memories and a lot of wins,” Shepherd says is also something he is looking forward to this season. 

Even though Shepherd is only a junior he is still looking and planning for his future. After high school Worthy plans on attending Stanfrod and working hard to one day become a Biomechanical engineer.