Blackwell’s Paige Scott – Basketball Spotlight Presented by Blackwell Regional Hospital

Paige Scott is a senior at Blackwell High School who plays basketball and keeps a busy schedule outside of it as well. She cheers, runs track, is a football manager, is involved in student council, pep club, and attends First Christian Church. She got her start in basketball at a young age.

“[I’ve played] my whole life, started in the first grade,” she said. “I got interested when I picked up the basketball and realized God gave me the talent to play this sport.”

Scott’s motivation on the court comes from always wanting to do her best and never give up. She has many people in her life who have encouraged her throughout her life. 

“I’ve had amazing coaches along the way and I would like to thank them: Chad Chandler, Mark Huster, Wade Wright, Nate Folger, Chad Bodenstein, Jamie Burtner, and Taylor Lang. Also, my support from my family – my sisters, grandma, and my whole family – especially my mom, who has traveled with me and not missed a game. She always pushes me to play to the best of my ability she is my number one fan.” 

In preparation for her final season, Scott’s motto has been “work hard every day at practice.” She also has a quote by Bobby Knight that she keeps in mind during preseason, “The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

Scott is proud to play for her high school and ready to hit the court with her teammates to see what successes this season holds. Looking towards the future, she would like to keep playing basketball in college and further her education.