Stillwater’s Cassie Griffin – Mom of the Month Presented by Stillwater Women’s Clinic


By Ember McElrath

A busy mom of three, Cassie Griffin, is one of the many volunteers for the Stillwater High School softball team. Cassie has been married to her husband Darin for 19 years. They have three beautiful daughters, Alexandra, a junior, and Jacqueline and Victoria, both eighth graders. Cassie holds the title of Treasurer for the Lady Pioneer Softball Booster Club, and volunteers for the FFA Scholarship Committee, Ag booster club, helps with SJHS Cheer, and a few other committees outside of the high school. Best said by Cassie herself, there is “never a dull moment!”

Native to Oklahoma, Cassie went to Oklahoma State University for her Bachelors and Masters in accounting. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She has held many job titles over the years, and being in the accounting field for her career, it seems like it also follows her into her volunteering as well.

“Naturally when I volunteer it seems I’m nominated for the positions dealing with funds,” said Cassie. 

This softball season Cassie said she is looking forward to seeing the girls grow, adapt and change.

Cassie has several things she enjoys about volunteering, but most of all she loves the opportunity to be around her daughters.

“My favorite part of volunteering is being there and being involved in the activities that my daughters are doing,” said Cassie.

Staying motivated can be difficult for any mom, especially one that is so busy, but Cassie always finds a way to make it through the rough times.

“I stay motivated because I want my daughters and her team to succeed,” said Cassie.

She knows how important her role is.

“I am a big believer that ‘it takes a village,’ so I do what I can when I can so that everyone stays in motion to finish and achieve success,” Cassie said.