Perkins-Tryon’s Ayron Lawson – Character Counts Presented by Cowboy Driving Academy


By Ember McElrath

Senior athlete Ayron Lawson is making moves not just on the football field as a running back and safety, but in baseball, track, and wrestling as well. Ayron started football in the third grade with the help of his father and two older brothers. Staying motivated is not a problem for this young athlete.

“As a child I was always motivated to be the best by my family. Constantly having to prove myself keeps me hungry to get better,” Ayron said.

It isn’t all about winning for Ayron either. His favorite game this season was a game they actually lost.

“My favorite part of the season so far was playing Heritage Hall. Although we lost by a touchdown, we traded blow for blow. It was one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played in,” said Ayron.

Football has taught Aryon to stay competitive and never give up.

“No matter how hard life may get, there is always a better outcome waiting for us when we fight through tough times,” Ayron said.

Ayron loves the physical nature of the sport, but his favorite part of it all is the bond with his team.

“Being on the field with people you trust and care about and making big plays together is my favorite part,” Ayron said.

After high school Ayron would love the opportunity to play college ball with a football scholarship. From there, he plans to get a degree in finance.