Stillwater’s Curtis Davis – Teacher of the Month Presented by Simmons Bank

By Ember McElrath

Stillwater teacher of the month Curtis Davis has been teaching for 27 years. He graduated high school from Sand Springs High School and from there went on to become a Cowboy, graduating from Oklahoma State University. He stayed close to his alma mater; he now teaches journalism for tenth, eleventh, and twelth graders and also has sponsored the yearbook and newspaper for Stillwater High School over the years.

Knowing since elementary school that he was meant to teach, it was never a question what Curtis would do when he grew up and entered the workforce. It is something that runs in his family. Two out of his three brothers are also teachers and coaches,“always coaching or teaching in some capacity,” Curits said.

“When I see that ‘I get it’ look in their eyes, or when they come to tell me how great they did at something!” Curtis said that is the most rewarding part of being a teacher for him.

He loves seeing his students grow up and enter the career field and takes great pride when he sees a former student become a teacher and do what he loves to do so much.

In Curtis’ free time he enjoys the movies every week.

“I go to the movie theatre every Saturday afternoon, for the past ten years.” Curtis said. He also enjoys the game of solitaire and watching some good old sitcoms. He keeps his mind sharp by completing brain games.

“Crossword and Sudoku everyday,” Curtis said.   

Curtis has simple and great advice for his students and others in his life, you need to always, “Think, figure things out, get the job done, do it now, have a back-up plan, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, look em’ in the eyes, shake their hands, and succeed together!”