Ponca City’s Quinton Goff – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

Pvt Quinton Goff is a graduate of Ponca City High School and a former student-athlete and orchestra member for the Wildcats. The summer before his senior year at PoHi, Goff decided to join Oklahoma Army National Guard and serve his country while going to college. 

“I decided to join the Army National Guard because I have always wanted to serve the country and I’ve always had a plan to go to college. In the National Guard there is a tuition waiver for college and this was a big thing for me,” said Goff. “Another thing that pointed me to the Army Guard was the fact that I could go to college right after basic and AIT.” 

When his training if finished, Goff will be stationed here in Oklahoma. 

“I will be stationed in Lexington Oklahoma,” said Goff. “In the guard I am a Blackhawk mechanic. I plan on making the National Guard a career. The main reason I am so eager about college is because I plan on enrolling in ROTC and becoming an officer.”

As a high school student, Goff was a member of the orchestra and played sports. His time in both disciplines taught him lessons he has carried with him to the National Guard. 

“In sports, I learned that doing the right thing all of the time even when no one is watching is extremely important,” said Goff. “Orchestra taught me that being on time is late and showing up early is on time. Always be early to what you are signed up for.” 

His family may not have a storied history in the military, but his grandfather did serve in the Air Force during the Vietnam War as an Air Traffic Controller. 

Pvt Goff offers this advice to anyone in high school who may be thinking about joining the Oklahoma Army National Guard. 

“If you are really thinking about joining then hurry up and join, don’t procrastinate. Also make sure you do your push ups and sit-ups.”