Ponca City’s Naomi Gertken – Blake Shepard Athlete of the Month Presented by Darren Dyer Agency

The Blake Shepard Award recipient is varsity volleyball player Naomi Gertken. 

Naomi started playing volleyball in the eighth grade, but she has played just about any other sport school ball has to offer. 

“I’ve been playing volleyball since eighth grade. When I was younger I played basketball for 10 years and tried other sports like softball, track, and soccer,” said Naomi. 

Now a junior at Ponca City High School, Naomi is a valuable member of the varsity volleyball team and she loves playing with her teammates and representing PoHi. 

“I consider my teammates as family more than anything. I love how we can just always tell each other about anything and build each other up. We also can kid around and have fun together,” Naomi said. 

As a student-athlete, Naomi enjoys her time in the classroom and is a member of Students Standing Strong (S3). 

“One thing I like about Po-Hi are the teachers I have. They are all so supportive of me being a student athlete. They do not only help support us on the court but also in school,” said Naomi. 

Representing the Blake Shepard Award is a proud moment for Naomi. 

“To represent the Blake Shepard Award is such an honor. Though I didn’t go to high school with him, I heard that he was an excellent student, strong in his faith, and was able to play the sport he loved in college. These are the things that I have been striving to do in my own life,” said Naomi. 

Once her time is over at PoHi, Naomi plans to attend college and possibly play volleyball. 

“Once I graduate, I really want to play volleyball in college. I also want to work in the medical field specializing in pediatrics. At some point, I’d like to use my medical skills on the mission field,” said Naomi. 

It doesn’t happen often, but when she does get some free time, Naomi enjoys being outside, going to youth group at Pioneer Bible church and hanging out with her family and friends.