Glencoe’s Jace Patten – Character Counts Presented by Central Electric Cooperative

By Michael Kinney

Jace Patten likes to compete. No matter whether it’s in baseball, the classroom or even in the quiz bowl, the Glencoe High senior goes all out to win and do his best. But Patten knows that in order for him to achieve any goals he has set for himself, he has to also deal with the other of success.

“A big part of being successful is the failures,” Patten said. “You have to be able to take those. It can be tough. But it’s still what I wake up every day to do. It’s my favorite thing. Success is what drives me. I want to do well. I want to win. I’m competitive.”

Glencoe baseball team is 9-3 through 12 games of Fall Baseball. Along with winning Patten enjoys going to work each day with the youthful squad.

“As a senior being on the baseball team, it’s defiantly one of my proudest moments being a part of this team,” Patten said. “We are not one of the best teams, but this team actually tries. I love going out there at first base, having those freshmen at starting positions, making the plays that they need to.”

When the do get down, Patten said he is there to pick them up.

“Just talk them up. Tell them it’s not a problem to make mistakes,” Patten said. “Just figure out how not to do it next time. As a senior, you’ve been there. You know it gets better. You just have to stick with it. I try to convince the other seniors to do the same and encourage the younger people that we have a good, proud tradition of baseball at Glencoe.”

Patten is batting over .500 season and says he is having his best year at first base. Yet, Patten may be having his best season in his other passion, which is being on the quiz bowl team.

“Now, the whole quiz bowl thing, I love that,” Patten said. “I just have to make sure and do all my work so I can be there for the next game.”

Patten has been involved with the Glencoe Quiz Bowl Team since his freshman year. He says his two main areas of strength are sports and history and wants to help the team reach the state tournament again.

“I came the year after they went to state. Since then we have just made it to regionals,” Patten said. “This year, I see us going well past regionals. You can’t be afraid to be wrong. You have to be able to answer questions. The point is to be faster than the other team.”

Patten is hoping to end his career with a championship.

“It would be fantastic,” Patten said. “That would definitely be a great memory.”