Drumright’s Julia Sylvester – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Ortho Oklahoma

Julia Sylvester was not the first member of her family to test their mettle on the cross country course. In fast, she grew up watching her older brother run in high school. 

“I have competed in cross country since my sophomore year in high school. I grew up watching my brother run cross country, and he loved it so I wanted to do it too,” said Sylvester. “The biggest influence in my life would have to be my brother. He has always been an amazing role model, and I have always looked up to him. I pretty much tell him everything, and he has been my best friend since day one.” 

Now a senior, Sylvester is the veteran of the team and one of the leaders. A role she is happy to play. 

“The thing I love most about my team is how close our bond is. We pretty much start every single day together, with our 6:30 am practices, so we are pretty tight,” said Sylvester. 

Last season she made history becoming the first Drumright runner to make the All-Star team.

“Being the first person from Drumright to make the All-Star team was huge for me. When I was starting out as a runner, I never dreamed I would be on that level,” said Sylvester. “It really reminded me of why I have put in all the miles and time into my training.”

Her favorite place to run is in the mountains. Sylvester said she loves running the trails and being in nature. On or off the track, running helps Sylvester clear her mind. 

“I actually kind of zone out when I run and my mind is usually pretty clear. Running is almost a form of meditation for me,” she said. 

Away from the course, Sylvester likes to spend her time cooking healthy foods and baking. Her plans after high school include college and a lot of it. 

“After I graduate high school I want to go to undergrad and major in biochemistry, and then go to medical school and become an allergy doctor.”