Davenport’s Jaci Chowning – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Central Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

By John Tranchina

Jaci Chowning hasn’t quite cracked the starting lineup yet for the Davenport fast-pitch softball squad, but the sophomore first baseman makes sure that she has an impact whether she’s on the field or not.

She has been moved around position-wise the past two years, but happily lines up wherever she’s asked to go, and after playing catcher and various spots in the outfield, Chowning has been concentrating on learning the ropes at first base this season.

“When I do play, I play first, but my coach has put me out in right field before. I’m not a starter, but I do play,” Chowning said. “(Sitting out sometimes isn’t difficult) because I feel like I’m a part of the team no matter where I play. I hit most of the time, so I count that as playing.”

Regardless of how much actual playing time she gets this season for the Bulldogs, Chowning loves softball and that won’t change.

“Honestly, my favorite part would be the teamwork and getting to know everyone and working as a team, instead of just working on your own,” she said.

And as good as she is on the diamond, she’s even better in the classroom, sporting the highest GPA on the Bulldogs.

“I try to do my best in everything that I do,” Chowning said, indicating that excelling in her academics is a high priority, “because I want to go to a good college and I’d like to be a doctor one day, so that’s really important to me, making good grades.”

Chowning’s reputation as a strong student also led to her getting recruited to participate in the Quiz Bowl Club.

“If I’m being honest, they only had three people and they kept begging me because they said I was smart,” said Chowning, who is also involved in the Davenport Pep Club. “Not much so far has happened, this is my first year doing it, we’ve only had like two practices so far, and we will compete against other schools.”

On the field, even though Davenport’s softball squad started off with a 3-7 record through Sept. 7, it was already a significant improvement from last year’s 1-20 performance, in which they lost their first 16 contests. Despite the general lack of success on the field, Chowning maintains a positive attitude.

“Losing is all a part of it,” she said. “Even if we don’t win, we still tried our best. And sometimes we don’t try our best, and that’s all the consequences of how we play.”