Cleveland’s Coleson Cheek – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Cleveland Area Hospital

Cleveland Area Hospital gets Coleson Cheek back on the field!

By Derrick Smith 

While an athlete is working hard to be successful, there are some things that are out of their control. One of those things is injuries and Coleson Cheek is familiar with the dreaded injury bug. 

“I’ve had two surgeries, both on my labrum, and both looking like almost identical tears,” he said. “I haven’t had a one hundred percent healthy season yet. During my freshman year I got shingles, and that took me out for a few weeks. My sophomore year, I tore my throwing arm and played the year before surgery. Then last year, which was my junior year, I tore my left labrum. I’m hoping senior season is completely healthy and in full motion.”

Coleson is a senior at Cleveland High School, where he is a member of the baseball team. He normally plays first base, but due to the injuries, he has played utility player the past two years. 

Coming back from the injuries to get where he is right now has not been an easy path, but it is something he knows is worth it. “It’s taken a lot of grit and a ton of grinding of therapy and working out to get back to my normal self, but I’ve done it once so I’ll do it again.”

Two people stand out when Coleson thinks about who has influenced his life. “The first is coach Allen,” he said. “He has always believed in us and has made us who we are now. The other is Russell Westbrook because of the way he approaches sports with the attitude and effort he gives.”

Outside of athletics, Cheek is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club, as well as a club called FISH. “It is just a place to meet and have a quick talk about scripture at lunch.”