Stillwater’s Dr. Toby Brown – Teacher of the Month Presented by Simmons Bank

By Ember McElrath

Dr. Toby Brown started his teaching career nine years ago; before that he graduated high school in western Oklahoma. From there he went on to attend Oklahoma State University, not once, but three times. He received a Bachelors in US history, a Master’s in Russian History, and last but not least a PH.D. in Educational Technology.

He started his teaching career at the place he knows and loves, Oklahoma State University, where he taught for five years. From there he moved on to Stillwater High School, where he is starting his fifth year. At OSU he taught Educational Technology classes for undergrads.  At Stillwater High School he teaches technology courses as well.

For Dr. Brown the most rewarding part of his job is “making personal connections with students, parents, peers, administrators, and others,” and he believes making connections is the, “most meaningful thing I can do as a person and as a professional.”

What inspires Dr. Brown to continue doing the great work he does everyday is that he loves helping people.

“I love helping people learn how to use technology to make their lives better, easier, more efficient, and better for others,” stated Dr. Brown.

During the summer Dr. Brown enjoys traveling with his wife and two children, watching documentaries, completing house projects, reading, and spending quality time with his family working on their family farm. He also loves music and you might just see him around the concert scene during the summers. If you ever need a good song recommendation, he has got you covered with his enormous iTunes library as well.

Some advice Dr. Brown has for anyone looking to get into education is, “It’s an extraordinarily satisfactory career; it is a rare combination of challenge and reward, intellectual, physical, mental and emotional. Get ready to be amazed everyday.”