Perry’s Ethan Calhoon – Character Counts Presented by Stillwater Medical Perry

By Rachelle Rogers

After breaking his collar bone twice and missing out on most of last season, Ethan Calhoon of Perry High School is fired up to get back out on the football field to show everyone what he can do. In 2018 his team went 9-2. This year, as a junior, he’s ready to be a part of that success. Ethan plays on both offense and defense as a wide receiver and at safety.

“I like safety because I get to read the field like a true safety does, but I also get the chance to come up and hit people too,” says Ethan.

Ethan also plays shortstop and pitches for the Maroons. He believes that a student athlete should be well rounded, so he spends his mornings at Meridian Technology Center in their welding program. His grandfather is a machinist and he has been teaching Ethan everything he knows over the years.

“It’s good to have a bunch of trade skills on your resume, so I like to have a broad band of trade skills that I can use to get jobs,” states Ethan.

This summer Ethan and his youth group had the opportunity to go to US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings to attend a youth conference with Christ Lutheran Church of Perry. The highlight of the event for Ethan was when a total of 21,000 young people took communion together.

The biggest impact on Ethan’s life was left by a friend of his family, Brendon McLarty. Brendon started on the varsity football and baseball teams until his life was cut short, passing away from an asthma attack at the end of his junior year.

“Being a young kid looking up to him and always being around him whenever our families had dinners or Thanksgiving together, I got to really learn a lot from him,” says Ethan somberly.

Ethan is hoping to get a scholarship to play either baseball or football in college. Right now he is still weighing his options, but is interested in studying Physical Therapy or Mechanical Engineering.