Perkins-Tryon’s Hailey Kastl – Character Counts Presented by Perkins Primary Care

By Derrick Smith

There is something about a person being called a character athlete that some may not realize. The person that has obtained that title is not just representing themselves, they are also a reflection of others.

“To be a character athlete doesn’t mean to just put a uniform on and then go out and play,” said Hailey Kastl. “You have to always make sure you are being a good person as well. Once you put on that uniform you are representing your town. With Perkins-Tryon I am not only representing one, but two towns. Perkins and Tryon. No matter what the sport is you need to always make sure you are being the best person you can be.”

Kastl is a junior at Perkins-Tryon, where she plays softball and is also a member of the cheer team.

The biggest influence in Hailey’s life is her mother, Lori Kastl.

“She is always pushing me to be a better person and helping me get better with the sport each and every day mentally and physically. I could not be the athlete I am today without her.”

There have been many teachers that have taught Hailey different subjects throughout the years, but there is one that she has become very close to.

“Mrs. Shaunna Smith is like my second mom,” Kastl said. “She is also my cheer coach. She has taught me so much about life and how to treat others. I look up to her and I strive to be half the person she is today. I love her with everything in me.”

Success in sports is not something that just comes naturally, which is something that Hailey understands.

“In order to be successful in softball takes a lot of time,” she said. “You don’t wake up and automatically become great. You have to put all your effort into it. That is the only way you can get where you want to be.”

During her down time, Hailey also shows pigs.

“It takes a lot of time as well. It can get tough doing both sports and showing pigs but you just have to love it enough.”

While she has always loved softball, Kastl says her time playing for Perkins-Tryon has been the most enjoyable.

“Playing high school softball at Perkins Tryon High School has probably been the most fun I have had playing softball. It made me fall in love with the game all over again. I would like to give a huge shout out to David Griffin for pushing me everyday and making me better every time I step out on the field.”