Blackwell’s Mikey Riley – Character Counts Presented by Heather Cannon Honda

By Ember McElrath

Mikey Riley is a senior at Blackwell HighSchool. He is not only the leader of his football team, holding the quarterback position, but he also strives to be a leader in all aspects of his life, always holding himself to a high standard.

“I always hold my expectations high no matter what I’m doing,” says the senior quarterback. 

He does not take the role of quarterback and leader of his team lightly. 

“All the guys look to you when things go good, and especially when they go bad,” Riley says.  He knows it is not only his job to hold his head high, but to keep everyone else’s up and moving forward as well. 

Riley plans on finishing up this upcoming football season with a big W.

“My main goal in football this year is to win as many games as we can,” states Riley. His aim is to make this football season, “the best season Blackwell has had in a long time.” 

Riley plans to leave Blackwell High School knowing that he did the best he could have done, “on and off the field.” 

Enjoying his senior year and making it the most memorable he’s had is something he is looking forward to. His family is not only large, with Mother Stacey, father Terrence, older brother Tyler, and three younger sisters Harlie, Haylee, and Samantha, but they are a huge support for this high school athlete.

“They attend just about every sporting event I am involved in,“ claims Riley.

This team is not just another sports team, these student athletes have a bond that makes them more like family. The school spirit and community support is a long reigning tradition that helps to keep these athletes working hard and doing “whatever it takes to win.” 

After high school Mikey plans to continue his football career into college while working on a law degree. He has not yet settled on a college, but is keeping his options open.