Ponca City’s Chase Allensworth – Blake Shepard Award Recipient – Presented by Darren Dyer OK Farm Bureau Insurance

 By Braxton Scott

Ponca City cross country runner Chase Allensworth works hard every single day and never complains while putting in extra time, which is why he is a winner of the Blake Shepard Award. Chase says he loves the team mentality of how it pushes everyone to be a better person and runner.

“I love how the team motivates each other to run day in and day out. We push each other,” he says.

Chase never really knew he was going to run cross country until freshman year.

“Freshman year Coach Steffey saw that I ran track and asked I come out for cross country.”

After that day, Chase knew cross country was something he wanted to compete in and help the win. Chase’s favorite subject in school is science and is looking to pursue a career for science in the future. Chase shared his thoughts on winning the Blake Shepard award and competing for PoHi.

“Feels good being recognized for hard work. I am honored,” he says. “The atmosphere of the meets is one of the best things I like about competition.”

He believes one of the main reasons he is so successful and works hard is because his parents have pushed him his whole life to be a better man. The program Chase Allensworth wants to be apart of after high school is Oklahoma State University’s Science/STEM program in order to pursue a science career.

Ponca City Head Coach Wendy Landes has some strong words for the sophomore cross country runner.

“He works hard every single day, never complains,” said Allensworth’s coach. “Puts in extra time every day. Great teammate to all ages.”