Blackwell’s Tanner Botts – Character Counts Presented by Blackwell Regional Hospital

By Derrick Smith

There is a lot of things that go into being successful in athletics. It is not just something that is handed to you, it is earned. And Tanner Botts knows what it takes to reach that mark.

“It takes dedication and sacrifice for the team,” he said. “You have to put in the work to get what you want.”

And Tanner, who is a junior at Blackwell High School, should know about dedication. He has not missed one football or wrestling practice since he has been in high school.

Along with wrestling and football, Botts is also a member of the baseball and track teams. He says that he really enjoys playing football in a small town. “I love playing for the town and playing football with friends.”

There have been many influencers in his life, but there are a couple that have been huge role models for Tanner. “My parents are definitely my biggest role models,” he said. “They are always there when I need them and they never let me give up.”

And for Botts, being a character athlete has its own special set of requirements. “It takes discipline, hard work, and showing up to all the practices,” he said. “Our team motto is ‘Whatever It Takes’ and that is something I try to live by.”

His favorite teacher is someone he learned more than just the curriculum from. “Mr. Meador is the best teacher I have had,” he said. “He not only taught me classroom instruction, but he also taught me life lessons along the way.”

When he is not practicing or playing one of his sports, Tanner is also involved with the National Honor Society and Student Council. He is also a member of the Blackwell Chapter of the Future Farmers of America, where he participated in livestock judging.