Westwood Elementary’s Celeste Fox – Teacher of the Month Presented by Simmons Bank

Entering her 27th year teaching at Stillwater Public Schools, Celeste Fox started her journey in education after she graduated from Claremore High School and began attended Oklahoma State University where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Fox then completed her Masters Degree in Teaching. Learning and Leadership at OSU. In 2004 she completed the National Boards Certification process. 

Fox currently teaches at Westwood Elementary and is anxiously awaiting the start of the new school year in her second grade classroom.

“This year I will begin my 27th year of teaching at Stillwater Public Schools,” said Fox. “I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to teach. I have always enjoyed learning. Sharing that love of learning with others in the classroom made teaching the best career path. The curiosity, energy and creativity of second graders have continued to prove that to be true.”

Early on in her career, Fox was mentored by someone who inspired her to not only teach, but do it with passion. 

“I student-taught with Adeana Friesen (Sallee). She was everything I wanted to be as a teacher-caring and full of high expectations for each student. Her classroom was full of books, she read aloud with voices and expression, she inspired readers. Learning was full of real life experiences and fun. She was the epitome of mentors and exceptional teaching,” said Fox. 

For Fox, the most rewarding aspect of the job comes from the relationships built through education.

“The most rewarding aspect of teaching for me is building relationships with each student and their family. Knowing your students and their families helps you to make learning experiences more personalized, providing better opportunities for learning. When children or their families contact me to share about something they have gone to see, or read, or done that is related to something we did in class-those are my favorite moments,” said Fox. 

During her career, Fox has cultivated young minds creating a passion for reading and learning. Her advice to future educators is priceless. 

“My advice to future educators is to remember that ALL children want to succeed and deserve that opportunity. Some face obstacles we can’t immediately see or understand. Our job is to find ways to overcome those obstacles and to make learning relevant and provide them with a classroom environment that is safe, caring and fun,” said Fox. 

Outside of the classroom, Fox enjoys traveling and reading.

“I am always looking for new projects to create; sewing, needlework, building. I like to be busy and spend time with friends and family.”