Ponca City’s Jacob Mabry – Oklahoma Army National Guard Athlete Spotlight

A 2019 graduate from Ponca City High School, Jacob Mabry learned what it meant to be part of a team while playing soccer for the Wildcats. Now, Mabry is joining another team; the Oklahoma Army National Guard. 

“I enlisted into the guard because I wanted to do something different, I wanted to be able to serve my country and state and have an opportunity to gain experience that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else,” said Mabry. 

As a Guardsman, Mabry will work on helicopters while using the GI Bill to attend college. 

“My job in the guard is 15 Tango, which is Blackhawk repair. I’ll be doing maintenance on U.S. Army helicopters,” said Mabry. “I am using the guard as a way to go to college. After I have completed basic training and my AIT (Advanced Individual Training), I plan on pursuing a mechanical aerospace engineering degree I have yet to decide on a specific college yet but I’ll for sure be staying in Oklahoma for my education.” 

Mabry isn’t the first member of his family to join the service. His mother older brother was a member of the Marine Corps for several years. 

Presently, Mabry is waiting for a basic training date, but he attends Guard drills when scheduled. 

“Because I haven’t went to basic or my AIT I have yet to experience the full duties of my job, but I’m looking forward to the new experiences and training I’ll receive and can’t wait to get started,” said Mabry. “As of right now I’m not for sure how long I’ll pursue my military career. I’ll finish out my contract and see what happens from there. There’s a lot of variables to consider like my college education and my future family so only time will tell but I’d love to stay in as long as possible.”

Mabry offers this advice to any student considering the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a career option and a way to pay for college. 

“My advise for anyone considering the joint the Army guard would be to find a local recruiter and talk to them and get information. The more you learn and the faster you learn it gives you time to make a solid plan for your career. Especially if you’re a junior or senior in high school, the guard is a great way to receive a college education at any state university as well as a way to have military experience as well as benefits and the honor of serving your state and country,” said Mabry.