Stillwater’s Anthony Bland – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by BancFirst Stillwater

By Corey Heim

Anthony Bland has excelled and stood out as a gifted athlete and student in his time at Stillwater High School.

Bland is a senior this coming school year and after graduating in May of 2020, is committed to attending Princeton University where he will compete as a wide receiver for the Tigers.  He began playing football four years ago and began the sport due to his friends playing and him wanting to follow suit.

He said his favorite part about competing is his teammates and community that have been a great encouragement and support system.

“What I love most about competing is making the ones in my community who root for me proud,” Bland said. “My teammates mean much more to me than just the guys I play football with. They’re the ones I go to day in and day out.”

Bland has also taken on a leadership role on the football team, something that he was inspired to do because of the upperclassmen he played with at the beginning of his football career.

“The leaders of my previous teams motivated me to be a good leader,” Bland said. “Every single great team I’ve been on had a great leader, making me want to take on that role.”

In addition to football, Bland has also placed a priority on his academics in his time at Stillwater, which has allowed him to carry a 4.25 GPA and scoring a 31 on his ACT. He said he has been driven to be successful in his schoolwork and challenges himself due to an experience at a previous school where he was not treated as an intelligent student by his teachers- an experience that has made him eager to prove those educators wrong.

While attending Princeton, Bland is planning on pursuing a degree in civil engineering and having a career as an engineer. If the past few years have been any indication of the diligence that he has applied to his sport and academics, he will surely succeed at Princeton as well.