Stillwater’s Mason Bratton – Soccer Spotlight – Presented by Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle, & Wicker



Mason Bratton has played soccer for 15 years, recently finishing up his high school career as a forward for the Stillwater Pioneers. Growing up, Bratton had plenty of exposure to different sports but soccer quickly became his favorite.

“My dad was a professional athlete so I have been around sports my whole life, but soccer is what interested me the most,” he said.

Bratton looks to his father as an example of what a strong work ethic can do for you.

“I look up to my dad because he was a professional athlete and now a coach and he has showed me what it looks like to work hard to reach your goals,” he said.

Bratton strives to make his family and those around him proud, in and out of athletics.

“What motivates me is the goal itself and the people who have helped me along the way,” he said. “My family has done so much for me and I just want to make them proud.”

Bratton says that while his senior season playing for Stillwater High was tough he had a lot of fun, including one game in particular.

“A stand out moment was senior night playing with my team for the last time at home,” he said.

Now graduated, Bratton will miss his teammates and those in the Stillwater community who helped make his high school soccer years unforgettable.

“The thing I liked the most about competing for my school was the kind of family it made me a part of,” he said. “Playing with those guys for four years helped me make some great memories I won’t forget.”

Bratton is now set to attend the University of Tulsa, where he will study mechanical engineering and continue to play soccer.