Perry’s Ronnie Delk: FCA All-State Coach – Presented by Stillwater Medical Perry



Perry has been known to have a tremendous wrestling history and has managed to remain one of the top programs in the state. 

Head wrestling coach Ronnie Delk has been a major part of their success as he’s had a prestigious career. Delk has produced 21 total state championships. He’s had four dual state and five team state titles as an assistant coach. As the head coach he’s earned eight dual state titles and four team state titles. 

Delk has enjoyed coaching the young men in their wrestling program. He’s been able to do what he loves to do as well as make an impression on the lives of his athletes. 

“My job as a coach is probably one of the best jobs you can have. I get to do what I love which is coach wrestling and influence these young men,” said Delk. 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has been started up in Perry schools again in the past year and Delk takes pleasure in being a part of such an organization. FCA has been a platform for both coaches and athletes to find a light in Jesus Christ for many years. It has been able to use sports to unite coaches and athletes to make a difference in the world through Christ. FCA strives to teach them integrity, teamwork, excellence and serving. 

Delk has been more than a coach as he’s taken full advantage of this opportunity to become a mentor as he leads them on their Christian journey. This has led to the positive impact on many lives as they learn the gospel.  

“The opportunity to lead young men and women in their path with Christ and show their character through sports is amazing,” said Delk. 

Delk has been using his coaching and his involvement in FCA to influence the lives of the athletes for the better.  

“I have the opportunity to mold young men through coaching and now lead them on their Christian journey also. Being able to teach them how to give glory to God and thank him for their abilities is a blessing”, he said. “Also, being able to train these young men to become great leaders in their schools is a blessing too.”