Perkins-Tryon’s Logan Allen – Character Counts Presented by Perkins Primary Care



Perkins-Tryon High School golfer Logan Allen competed in the state golf tournament this year held at Westwood Park Golf Course in Norman, Okla. Allen and her teammates finished with a team score of 768, good enough to place 7th overall. Allen shot a 76 on day one and a 75 on day two placing her tied for sixth as an individual. Her approach to the season and a few adjustments to her game, has given her the confidence to compete at a high level. 

“The difference was smart playing and better putting. I also had gotten stronger over the offseason and was driving the ball better. Where I improved my smart play was with my mid-iron shots and approaches,” said Allen. “My expectations were high on the first day of state. I sank a long birdie putt and was doing good on the first nine. Every day I have been making little improvements, but those little improvements make a big difference.”

The game of golf has taught Allen lessons that she can carry with her in every day life. 

“Yes, mentally golf has taught me a lot. This year I had to make hard decision. I think my parents are letting me know that life can come with very difficult decisions. I’m thankful for what they are doing and letting me learn those lessons,” said Allen. 

As her game continues to improve, Allen keeps her focus on the ultimate goal, which is winning state. 

“Hopefully what’s next is taking state. I have been told I will never make it far in golf or that my dreams are too big. I hope to prove them wrong. Every time I win or place at a golf tournament, I mentally thank these people for giving me motivation to continue my passion for golf. So, I would say what’s next is winning state,” said Allen. 

This is probably not the last time you will hear from the Perkins-Tryon golfer. Look for Allen and her teammates to continue rocking the boat in Class 3A.