Morrison’s Libby Theobald – Oklahoma Air National Guard Spotlight


Libby Theobald is a senior at Morrison High School who has been an active student-athlete during her time, playing basketball, fastpitch softball, and competing in track. She has played softball since she was a kid, and picked up basketball in junior high. 

“Playing with my teammates and having a great coach,” is what Theobald cites as her favorite part of competing for her high school.

Outside of her high school sports, Theobald also enjoys racing dirt bikes.

“I’ve done some of everything from motocross to harescrambles,” she said.

Theobald says that her family, and her own determination to work hard, are what motivates her to give her best efforts in and out of athletics. 

As graduation approaches, Theobald is confident in her future plans to join the Oklahoma Air National Guard and go to school for a Criminal Justice degree. Her involvement with the Air National Guard began with her desire to step outside of her own comfort zone.

“I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Last fall, I visited with a friend who told me what a great experience this had been for him and felt like this fit my goals and career path I have set.”

While her basic training date has not been set, she hopes to know it soon and get started on her new path in life. When asked what she most looks forward to in her future with the Air National Guard, Theobald replied, “The opportunities it will open up for me in the future, new and exciting experiences, and strong friendships.”

After graduation Theobald plans to attend UCO and eventually work as a Criminal Investigator.