Agra’s Caitlyn Herrmann – Character Counts Presented by Central Electric Cooperative

By John Tranchina

It’s a testament to how much Caitlyn Herrmann loves softball that she fought through the pain to play four more games on a torn ACL before surgery ended her senior fast-pitch season for Agra High School.

The knee injury was a tough pill to swallow and the Bearcats clearly missed her presence, as Agra went 3-19 on the season.

“I heard a pop in my knee, and my sister tore her ACL before and I knew what happened, I tore my ACL,” Herrmann said. “After that happened, I went to the doctor and I asked if I could just brace it up and keep playing for the rest of the year, because it’s my senior year, and he said he wouldn’t advise that. But I just braced it up and played four more games and then I had my surgery and just watched the rest of the year. I only got to play seven games. It was horrible.”

And even though Agra was not the best of teams even with her in the lineup, Herrmann, a pitcher, took it upon herself as one of the few experienced players to take on a leadership role.

“I’ve always had that role, especially because most of the kids that played at Agra, we’re a really small school, so most of the kids that played, they never really played before when they were smaller, so everybody was really new to the sport, especially softball,” said Herrmann, who also played basketball. “I was, I think, the only senior that played basketball and softball.”

Herrmann, who has played softball since she was five or six years old and even suits up in the summer for a travel softball team based in Shawnee, the Oklahoma Bandits, made sure she continued to work hard and put forth maximum effort, no matter what the circumstances.

“I just tried to have fun on the field,” she said. “Even when somebody would mess up on the field, we’d just kind of shake it off and laugh about and go on with the game. There were games when we’d be on the field for like 20-25 minutes and we’d just try to make the best of it. We knew we weren’t that good. I’d just keep trying to pitch strikes, as coach would say, and see what came of it.”

Jon Peveler, who coached Herrmann on both the softball and basketball teams at Agra, appreciated her presence on each.

“Caitlyn was a joy as well as a handful to have as an athlete,” Peveler said. “She worked hard at improving her talent and wanted to do her best at everything she attempted. She did not show a lot of emotion on the field or the court as she was more about doing her job. That character was very beneficial in we didn’t have the best of records in regard to both softball and basketball. You could not tell it by Caitlyn’s emotions as she went about doing her job the best she could. It was a great honor to have Caitlyn as a major contributor her four years in both softball and basketball.”