Woodland’s Braiden Holloway – North OK Baseball Player of the Month – Presented by Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle, & Wicker


North OK Preseason Baseball Player of the Month Poll – Presented by Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle, & Wicker 

Braiden Holloway – Woodland, 29,984

Deklyn Wilhelm – Ripley, 18,188

Bryan Little – Mounds, 12,620

Colby Rhodes – Woodland, 12,102 votes

Caden Pogue – Stillwater, 6,650 votes

Joe Pittman – Stroud, 5,580 votes

Dakota Poyndexter – Oilton, 4,619 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Hunter Kirby – Drumright, Tyler Rainwater – Mounds, Blake Scott – Tonkawa, Jackson Meyer – Stillwater, Brett Lenon – Blackwell, Trevor Jones – Drumright, Tanner Denton – Ponca City, Garret Stone – Newkirk, Masen McCurry – Cleveland, Aaron Wolcott – Mannford, Isaac Bloomer – Prague, Cole Aldridge – Perkins-Tryon, Brody Parrick – Depew, Cesar Tiscareno – Perry, Maddox Coulson – Wellston, and Raceton Sedlacek – Meeker.

Braiden Holloway - Woodland

Braiden Holloway – Woodland

Woodland’s Braiden Holloway loves playing baseball. He recently got the most votes in VYPE’s Preseason Baseball Player of the Month Poll, and is grateful to his community who have supported him and his team over the years.

“I love the game and enjoy my team and the program,” said Holloway. “I appreciate everyone in the community, teammates, and family for voting.”

Holloway has played the sport since he was six years old. He has his grandparents to thank, because they were the ones who signed him up and even volunteered to help with the team.

Despite the fact that the first six games of the season were cancelled due to weather, Holloway is looking forward to working hard through the rest of the season to be an asset to his team however he can. He has his sights set on the district championship and the all-conference game.

“Helping my teammates and baseball program win a district championship for Woodland High School,” he said of what he foresees this season. “And making it back to play in the all-conference game.”

Holloway holds his teammates in high regard and respects the work they all put into the program.

“My teammates are everything to me,” he said. “They push me every day to be the best ball player I can be. They work hard on and off the field to help improve the program.”

Holloway’s motivation to be his best comes from his focus on his future goals and wanting to make his teammates and coaches proud.

“My goal is to be able to play college baseball and so I push myself to be the best I can be, not only for myself, but for my team,” he said. “Being an athlete starts in the classroom so I try to maintain a high GPA so my coaches never have to worry about ineligibility.”

One athlete who Holloway looks up to in baseball is Jeter.

“My favorite shortstop baseball player is Derek Jeter,” he said. “I am inspired by his quote, ‘You got to have fun, regardless it’s a game… but I don’t think you can do well, unless you have fun.’ He has taught me leadership and to enjoy the game.”

In addition to baseball, Holloway also plays football and basketball. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his friends. After high school he would like to attend an Oklahoma school and continue his athletic career on the collegiate level.