Perkins-Tryon’s Judy Allen: Mom of the Month – Presented by Stillwater Women’s Clinic

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Perkins-Tryon mother of four, Judy Allen, is leaving her mark on the community through her efforts to support the teams and activities her children are involved with by volunteering her time as an officer for the Grover Rains Takedown Club or GRTC. 

“My husband and I serve as officers for the Grover Rains Takedown Club (GRTC). That’s our local wrestling booster club. We try to make sure that coach (Jeremy) Love has the things he needs during the season, whether it be team shirts for the boys or funds to purchase food for the team during tournaments.  We also coordinate the year end banquet. I love to take pictures, so at the banquet there are lots of snap shots for the boys to take home if they like. I’ve even been known to make breakfast tacos for the team.  They are a great group of kids,” said Allen. 

Her son Gage Allen was a state qualifier at 182-pounds this season and figures to be one of the top wrestlers in the class for the next two seasons. 

“Our oldest son, Garrett, is grown and living in Texas with a family of his own, but we have two sons and a daughter that call Perkins home. Garrison is a freshman at OSU. He wrestled heavyweight and played football before graduating in 2018. Our daughter, Taylor, is a junior and is active in the P-T Midnight Regiment band. Gage is a sophomore and wrestles and plays football,” said Allen. 

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After moving to Perkins, Allen noticed a need with the teams and activities her kids were involved in, so she took that opportunity to volunteer and fill that need. 

“When we moved to Perkins after having lived overseas for four years, my boys decided they wanted to wrestle. I have to admit, I wasn’t crazy about the idea at first. However, I think it is extremely important to be supportive of your children and their activities. The program itself was in a season of growth, so there were plenty of opportunities to become involved,” said Allen. 

A graduate of Verden High School, Allen was very familiar with the small town atmosphere, which is something she loves about Perkins. 

“Small town Oklahoma is a great place to grow up! The people in the Perkins-Tryon area are very supportive. Being grounded in a place like this gives you a foundation for growth and values that will serve you well anywhere in the world,” said Allen. 

As a volunteer, Allen said she loves getting to know the other wrestlers and their families.

“Volunteering allows you to be an active part in the lives of some pretty amazing kids,” said Allen. 

As for watching her sons wrestle, “it’s very hard for me,” said Allen. “I’m always worried about them. So, I hide behind my camera and pray a lot! Wrestling is an incredibly demanding sport, on the athlete and the mom!”