Perkins-Tryon’s Cole Aldridge – Character Counts Presented by Perkins Primary Care

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By Jordan Edwards 

Cole Aldridge, junior shortstop and pitcher for the Perkins-Tryon Demons, is a standout athlete, teammate and student who is viewed as a leader on and off the field by his teammates, coaches and classmates. 

Baseball has been a part of Aldridge’s life for as long as he can remember and loves every aspect of the game. 

“My favorite thing about baseball is how simple and complex it can be,” Aldridge said. “Every detail, from strategy to the execution, can make a difference in a win or a loss. The game can expose you in many different ways and give you many hurdles to overcome to be successful.”

Aldridge credits his mom and dad for pushing him to accomplish the goals he sets and be the successful person and athlete he is today. 

“Throughout my life, my mom and dad have had a huge influence,” Aldridge said. “They have set examples and guided me to be the best I can be. Both have helped me pursue my interests in sports and supported me along the way.”

Cole Aldridge-Perkins

Demon’s head coach, Kevin Miner, loves the way Aldridge leads as just a junior and that his teammates look up to him and respect him as an athlete.

“As a junior he’s in his second year as the guy we look to to make things happen,” Miner said. “He’s a special kid, always competes, never complains, and leads by example. [He is a] great student in school and is involved in much more than athletics.”

Over the course of Aldridge’s baseball career he has had many coaches push him to compete and execute his skills. 

“All of my coaches have shown me different aspects of the game that I could grow and become a better player,” Aldridge said.

This summer, Aldridge will be playing with MVP Baseball Academy, a travel team based out of Oklahoma, to gain more experience and practice for his upcoming senior season. 

There are no plans for college just yet with Aldridge being just a junior but he plans to pursue a degree in engineering after he graduates high school in Spring 2020.