Newkirk’s Garrett Stone: Academic Athlete of the Month – Presented by Equity Bank

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With the new season getting underway, baseball player all over the state are eager to take the field. Newkirk junior Garrett Stone is now different. Stone was stellar last season from the bump going 6-2 with an ERA of 1.79 and recording 78 strikeouts. This season he is excited to get back on the field and see what he and his teammates can accomplish. 

“My expectations for the new season is to be better than last year, better than we were yesterday, and to win one game at a time. Instead of moving backwards we move forwards. Be more than just baseball players,” said Stone. “What I love most about my team and teammates is more than I can ever explain. They always have my back and support me through anything. They never give up and they always finish no matter what the outcome is.”

His journey to varsity baseball started at the age of three. But baseball isn’t the only sport Stone is involved in at Newkirk High School. 

“I was three when I started playing baseball and yes, I do play other sports such as basketball, football, and cheer,” said Stone. “I’m a four-sport athlete so I stay pretty busy with keeping up with all of that, but when possible, I try to attend other sports to support my friends.”

Academics are just as important as the sports he plays and for Stone, and he knows making good grades helps insure his future in the sport. 

“Having good grades plays a major role in college and college scholarships. So, it’s important to me to keep them up,” said Stone. “I plan on going to college to play baseball, but major wise I’m still undecided.”


As a student-athlete, Stone has leaned on family, friends and coaching to get him where he is today. 

“I have had multiple coaches who have helped me and have had many friends supporting me, but I would have to say my parents have been huge influence on my life. Teaching me right from wrong, making sure I have what I need. They have supported not only me, but my brothers and my teammates. They have always been there for me and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have gone through to get me where I am today,” said Stone. 

Stone loves representing Newkirk High School and the community. 

“Newkirk is a small home town school with a strong community support system behind it. We have some great teachers that go out of their way to help us succeed and a great coaching staff who pushes us to do better every day,” said Stone. 

If you’re lucky enough to catch him on a break, you can find Stone hanging out with his girlfriend, friends and family. 

“I like to go fishing with my brother Coltt and playing some video games with my brother Wyatt,” said Stone.