Mannford’s Braden Greene – Baseball Spotlight Presented by Indian Electric Cooperative

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Mannford High School varsity baseball player Braden Greene is entering his final season as a Pirate and he’s excited to get the season underway. 

Greene and his teammates are a close group and under head coach Greg Harmon, they are looking to make some noise this season. 

“I love the connection we have with each other not only on but also off the field! A true brotherhood,” said Greene. “My expectations are like many others, to win that last game of the year and dogpile with my team! Just a matter of how hard we are willing to work!”

Greene started playing baseball when he was barely old enough to attend kindergarten. From the first time he stepped onto the field, he was hooked. 

“I started playing baseball at the age of five, and it’s changed my life drastically. I also play football for Mannford,” said Greene. “The best thing about being a student-athlete at MHS, is all of the support from all of my friends, family, and faculty. It’s absolutely amazing!”

Like other teammates, Greene is focused on his responsibilities in the classroom and is a member of several clubs at school. 

“Academics have always been an important factor in my life, I’ve had the luxury of having parents who always stayed on top of me and made sure I do nothing but what’s best for my future,” Greene said. “I am in Student Council, and in the National Honor Society.” 

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Greene credits his father for being a big influence in his life and in baseball. 

“My dad has always been a positive influence for me ever since I can remember, he showed me this beautiful game, and I wouldn’t be half the player I am without him, he’s a true role model to me,” Greene said. 

The midfielder and part-time pitcher has plans for his future after graduation. 

“After graduation I plan on furthering my education and baseball career at the highest level possible,” said Greene. 

In his time off, Greene enjoys hanging out with his friends, hunting and fishing. 

Coach Harmon is excited to see what this team can accomplish. 

“We have a strong returning class from last season. They are excited and looking forward to having a great season,” said coach Harmon.