Frontier’s Allyson Boone – Player Spotlight Presented by 7C Land & Cattle Steakhouse

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Most people would not look at a freshman and think, this player can contribute now, but that was not the case for freshman softball player Allyson Boone at Frontier High School. Boone is a right-handed pitcher and she can play second base or in the outfield. Her versatility can help Frontier win games this season. For Boone, being a member of the varsity team, surrounded by supportive teammates, has made all of the difference for this young starter. 

“I love that my teammates are always there for me. We all depend on each other, if one of us are down we can always count on one of our teammates to straighten us up and get us right back on track. We all understand what we need to do to win and I can thank coach T (Tahah) for putting that in our minds and helping us understand. My first year of high school was scary but I had great teammates to help me out, so when you ask what I love most love most about my teammates I can’t pick just one,” said Boone. 

This season in slowpitch, Boone and her teammates are looking to show steady improvement as the season moves forward. 

“Last year we improved every game, even though we didn’t go as far as we wanted to we all got better every single player on the team. We are going to keep getting better one game at a time. I hope we focus on doing the little things right and winning should take care of itself,” Boone said. 

Allyson Boone-Frontier

Boone serves as President of her freshman class and is in Choir. She is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCCLA, FYTIC and she just started helping with the Frontier YouTube channel. She was also a member of the Academic team this year. Academics take center stage for Boone. 

“Academics are very important to me. Of course, my first priority is Church and God, but as of right now I am a 4.0 student,” said Boone. “I would love to pitch in college someday but right now I’m 15 just playing the sport I love!”

Throughout her playing career and her life, Boone has relied on her faith and family to help her through the challenges of life. 

“I give all of my glory to God, he gave me the talent to do what I do. But two of my big influencers are Jalissa Fisher and Michaelanne Nelson. They went to Frontier and played as pitchers and they did what I am doing and they were very successful. I hope I can do what they did. I have an amazing pitching coach and my parents are always pushing me to be better,” Boone said. 

Boone loves being a part of the team and the community of Frontier. 

“FHS is a small school and a small community so I know everyone; that’s pretty amazing,” said Boone.

Away from the field, you can find Boone spending time with family and friends, watching softball, going to church and hanging out with her youth group and teammates.