Ponca City's Ashlynn Fincher – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Heather Cannon Honda


By Corey Heim

A 16 year-old freshman at Ponca City High School, Ashlynn Fincher plays as a shooting guard for the Wildcats girl’s basketball team.

Basketball has been a part of Fincher’s life since she was in kindergarten, as her dad was a basketball coach and got her into the sport. She loves the support system she has from her teammates and community and believes that they make the sport more inspiring and enjoyable.

“I love watching my teammates play,” Fincher said. “They mean everything to me and each one has a key role to our team.”

Fincher also enjoys being a leader and tries to inspire her teammates as much as possible and return the support network back to them.

Ashlynn Fincher

“If someone is down in practice or makes a mistake it’s my job as a teammate to help them get back up and make the next play,” Fincher said.

Beyond basketball, Fincher also holds a 3.5 GPA and has learned to maintain a balance between her athletics and academic work. She said that sometimes after a long away game or day at practice, she finds it difficult to find motivation for her schoolwork, but she always pushes through.

“Keeping my grades up is important to me,” Fincher said. “My academics will stay with me long after my basketball career.”

As she still as three more years to compete for the Wildcats while attending Ponca City, Fincher is focusing on maintaining her sports and academic balance, and pushing herself to be the best she can be.


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