Prague's Adisyn Auld – Athlete Spotlight Presented by BancFirst Prague

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Prague High School junior, Adisyn Auld is the starting catcher on the fastpitch softball team that went 23-11 this season, making it to the regional tournament. 

“The regional tournament was tough this year and we faced some tough competition. After falling short my freshman and sophomore year in the state tournament be had big goals and we just couldn’t pull it off this year,” said Auld. “Having eight starters being juniors, it taught us a bunch, and we are going to come back stronger for our senior season. I think next year will be our year to come back stronger and to finish what we’ve started. That and cherishing the lasts with all of my sisters is what I’m looking forward to most senior season.”

The community came out in support of the Lady Demons; something not lost on the players.

“What I love most about being a student-athlete at Prague is how much the town supports every sport in everything they do, and how close we all are. The whole town of Prague and especially the teams are all one big family and that’s something really special to me. We’ve faced some difficult times in the past and we’ve gotten thru them with the help of each other,” said Auld. 

Playing the position of catcher started for Auld in elementary school. Always an infielder, Auld made the move from third base to catcher and has not looked back. 

Adisyn Auld

“I didn’t start catching until I was in about a fifth grader. Up until then I had played third base for my competitive team and hadn’t given catcher much thought being as I was pretty small. I love being the eyes of the field and taking role as a leader. I love being involved in every single pitch that’s thrown. My pitcher and I have one of the strongest bonds since I started catching and it makes it that much more enjoyable,” said Auld. 

In the classroom, Auld takes her school work very serious. She is a member of the FFA and shows livestock and the historian for the Business Professionals of America group at school. Auld also added cheerleading to her plate of activities. 

“Academics are very important to me. From a young age my parents have always pushed me with my school work and made me realize how important it is in the end,” said Auld. “My parents are two people I look up to. They push me to be the best I can be and have since I started sports at the age of four. They have spent countless amounts of money and hours taking me to practices multiple times a week or to tournaments all over the state. They have critiqued me when needed and praised me when needed. They are two of the best people I know, and they’ll always be my biggest influences.”

After she graduates, Auld plans to attend college and continue her softball career. She would like to become a dental hygienist or work in Ag marketing. 

In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family. 

“They’re the most important people in my life and when I’m not at school or playing sports I’m hanging out with them,” said Auld.