Perkins-Tryon's Demi Aldridge – Character Counts Presented by Perkins Primary Care

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Perkins-Tryon fastpitch softball player Demi Aldridge has played the sport for a decade and in that time she has experienced a lot of the field. It was a sibling that first got her started in the sport. 

“My older sister and my dad have both been a major influence on me on and off the field. I started playing softball because my big sister started playing softball and whatever big sister does little sister does. Watching her play and accomplish many amazing things in her softball career has driven me to want to accomplish the same things in my career,” Aldridge said. “My dad has been my coach since I started playing softball. He has always pushed me to be the best person I can be. He takes life lessons out of softball and applies those lessons to my life which has had a huge, positive impact on me. We do not always see eye to eye on things but the things he has taught me on and off the field I will never forget and I will carry those lessons with me forever.”

Now a senior, Aldridge loves taking a leadership role with the team and has grown up playing with these same teammates.

“It means the world and so much more to be a part of the team I am on. We have been playing together since we were 10 years old, so I could not image playing with a better group of girls. Growing up with them has made me the person I am today,” said Aldridge. “My teammates are my sisters. I do not think there are enough words to describe how much these girls mean to me. They have had my back through countless times in my life, on and off the field. They are such amazing and unique people that I love being with.”

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Aldridge also plays slow pitch in the spring and she is involved in yearbook, works as a media center aid, is a wrestling manager and Vice President of her class in FCCLA. If that wasn’t enough, Aldridge is also a member in the International Club.

“I wish I could join more clubs but between my college class, my job, and taking care of my two little sisters I do not have much time,” said Aldridge. 

Aldridge is driven to be successful and brings her work ethic to the field, whether its practice or a game. 

“My drive for success on the field comes from everyone around me, especially this year. I wanted to do what was most helpful and best for the team, so I decided to be, to the best of my ability, the best pitcher I could be for the team. The softball program has had great success these past couple of years and I wanted the softball program to continue to be successful for the school and the community. I wanted us to succeed this year even if it meant playing a position I have never played before,” Aldridge said. “My teammates pushed me to do my best every game and I knew they would have my back on the field and that made me push even harder. My drive for success at home comes mostly from both of my parents. My mom and dad work so hard to provide a great life for me, so I want to be successful, so they know that their hard work and support that they have given me will pay off. I credit a lot of my success to my parents because they have raised me to be a well driven person. I also give God credit for my success because with Him all things are possible.”

The future for Aldridge will include going to college and ending her playing career in high school. 

“After I graduate I plan to go to NOC Tonkawa to get my undergraduate and then transfer to UCO to get my nursing degree and become a travel nurse. I do not plan to further my softball career because I want my focus in college to be more on my school work,” said Aldridge.