Frontier's Connor Norman – North OK Boys Basketball Player of the Month – Presented by Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle, & Wicker


North OK Boys Basketball Player of the Month – Presented by Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle, & Wicker

Connor Norman – Frontier, 22,571 votes

Landreth Harris – Pawnee, 19,459 votes

Dante Lightfoot – Frontier, 5,712 votes

Braiden Clark – Glencoe, 4,076 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Chazz Shymanski – Ponca City, Willie Leas – Pawnee, Garrett Butcher – Shidler, Kaleb Carpenter – Glencoe, Mason Drake – Perry, Cale Lazenby – Glencoe, Kendall Burtner – Blackwell, Austin Mitchell – Pawnee, Dakota Reedy – Carney, and Hunter Staten – Stillwater.

Connor Norman -Frontier

Connor Norman – Frontier 

Frontier senior Connor Norman is a shooting guard for the Mustangs basketball team. He began playing the sport in the third grade and stuck with it after discovering how much he simply enjoyed playing the game.

“My favorite thing is probably just getting the chance to competitively play the game every single day, whether it’s at practice or in real games,” he said.

Norman says that he has learned many lessons over the years of playing basketball, but the main thing that sticks with him is that nothing can replace hard work.

“The game of basketball has taught me countless things, the biggest thing is probably how to work hard,” he said. “In basketball you’re constantly working hard on offense trying to get a good shot or jumping around and boxing out trying to get rebounds or sliding around on defense trying to stop the other team, and if you get outworked at those things then you will simply lose.”

Norman also has two older brothers who have helped him be better on the court by bringing out his competitive nature.

“My two big brothers have definitely helped me become a better basketball player just because the competitive part of me has always wanted to beat them and be better than them at whatever we do,” he said. “They were both good in high school and they can still ball too, so they have definitely given me some extra motivation to be a better basketball player.”

Norman strives to be the best leader and teammate he can be because he knows that teamwork is essential to achieving their goals.

“My biggest motivation is simply just wanting to win a championship and me being the best leader and teammate possible helps our chances at that,” he said.

Norman also plays golf, is on the Academic Team, and is involved in the National Honor Society, the Frontier Inter-Tribal Youth Council, FCA, and FCCLA.